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UNB is a Classic Rock and Variety cover band that is based around Austin and Georgetown, TX

At the core of this band are brothers Scott and Kurt Allshouse. After trying to play with many people they found Jimmy Lynch in late 2004, and the three worked together for the next year to create the foundation for a rocking trio. They performed at events and parties while building their repertoire. Then in February 2006 they found mAndy Prater and seemed to fill in a missing piece to the group. They quickly assimilated mAndy into their mix and 3 months later they played their first show as a 4-piece band, with Kurt on drums and percussion, Jimmy on bass and vocals & Scott and mAndy on guitars, keyboards and vocals.

The combination of personalities in the band provides a mix of serious love for the music and a passion for entertaining.

Visit UNB's official MySpace page for info on upcoming shows, blogs and more music samples.


U2 - One (by The Unnamed Band)


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